Research Associate

  • Shutian Ma: Earthquake source processes, seismo-tectonics


  • Andrew Schaeffer (Banting Fellow): Earthquake Seismology, Seismic Tomography and Imaging, Plate Tectonics

Current students

  • Philippe Dales (PhD student): Interferometric methods for spatio-temporal monitoring in underground mines
  • Clément Estève (PhD student): Structure and tectonics of northwestern Canada and the western Canadian Arctic region
  • Stephen Mosher (PhD student): Characterizing seismicity of the Juan de Fuca plate using ocean-bottom seismic data
  • Jeremy Gosselin (PhD student): Structure of the Cascadia subduction zone using teleseismic data
  • Morgan McLellan (PhD student): Application of machine learning to seismo-tectonics problems
  • Élyse Gaudreau (MSc student; co-supervised with D. Schneider): Geochronologic and geophysical investigations of the northern Canadian Cordillera

Former members

  • Andrew Reynen (MSc student): Supervised machine learning on a network scale for seismic event classification and detection
  • Stephen Mosher (MSc student): Extraction of P-waves from ambient seismic noise across the San Andreas Fault in Central California
  • Azadeh Ashoori (MSc student): Seismic structure of the crust in the northern Canadian Cordillera-Craton transition
  • Morgan McLellan (MSc student): Rayleigh wave tomography of northwestern Canada
  • Élise Cossette (MSc student; co-supervised with D. Schneider): Structure and anisotropy of the crust in the western Cyclades
  • Alizia Tarayoun (M2 French intern): Architecture of the crust and uppermost mantle the northern Canadian Cordillera using teleseismic receiver functions
  • Alexander Mackay-Hill (BSc student): Teleseismic imaging of the uppermost mantle beneath the northern Canadian Cordillera
  • Antonio Di Loreto (BSc student): Love wave analysis in northwestern Canada
  • Louisa Murray-Bergquist (BSc summer intern): SKS splitting in the Canadian Arctic
  • Christian Sole (BSc student, UROP): SKS splitting in the northern Canadian Cordillera
  • Stéphane Gaston Faubert (BSc student): Automatic detection and location of earthquakes in the northern Canadian Cordillera
  • Andrew Reynen (BSc student; co-supervised with G. Milne): Viscoelastic response of the crust in central California from groundwater unloading
  • Morgan McLellan (BSc student): Seismicity and tectonics of the northern Canadian Cordillera
  • Philippe Dales (BSc student): Obtaining surface waves from ambient noise correlations
  • Stephen Mosher (BSc student): Seismic anisotropy and mantle flow around the subducting Explorer micro-plate
  • Alex Plourde (BSc student, UROP): Low frequency earthquakes in southern Cascadia
  • Marie-Ève Lajoie (BSc student, UROP): Critical taper model of the Cascadia subduction zone margin